John Brumby AO to be our next Chancellor

Former Victorian Premier the Honourable John Brumby AO will be the next Chancellor of La Trobe University.

La Trobe top 60 in Golden Age rankings

La Trobe ranked 59th in the world

Cann Group R&D expansion at La Trobe

La Trobe welcomes industry partner

La Trobe leads assistance dog project

La Trobe partners with DVA to tackle veteran PTSD

Concerning childbirth trends

New research has shown a dangerous rise in postpartum haemorrhage

Breakthrough or pause in hostilies?

The outcome of the summit has been furiously spun

Addressing response to royal commission

More than apology needed in response to child abuse royal commission

The women expats who found liberation

Australian women expats helped pioneer our relationship with the U.S.

China-India border dispute

Development is peaking in the high country between India and China

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